Each retirement income and insurance plan should be different and unique


Retirement Services

During your retirement years, taxes and health care costs can become significant. It can be worthwhile to work with experts such ourselves to help to maximize your net income and have the right insurance plans, and estate plan in place.

Let’s take a look at these three area’s

Retirement Income

Are you ready to retire, or thinking about it? Do you know how much net income you might have available and how your cost might be? We can provide solutions to have as much net income during your retirement years, give you a plan and .. ease of mind. We help with:

  • Social Security Benefits strategy
  • Existing retirement funds and risk allocation
  • Income Tax estimate
  • Cost of Living including inflation
  • Medicare premiums as some parts are based on income

We aim to provide strategies to have the desired income for life and keep as much money net into your pocket to enjoy your life to the fullest. You deserve more than a cookie-cutter plan. Each person and their situation are unique, and so should be YOUR retirement plan.

Health Care Insurance

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life, that the older we get, we tend to have more health care needs. Key Health Care Insurance plans are Medicare and Long-Term Care.

MEDICARE: When you turn 65 you can apply for Medicare Part A & B. We provide education on what Medicare covers, what it doesn’t, how you can bridge the cost gap Medicare does not pay for, and when late enrollment penalty fees could apply. Even when you continue to work, find out how Medicare can work with your insurance.

LONG TERM CARE: Did you know that about 52% of Americans will need Long-Term care later on in their life. This cost can range from $ 40.000 – $ 250.000. Not being able to take care of ourselves, can be a high health care cost during retirement. Learn more about Long-Term Care here.

Estate Planning

Creating an Estate Plan is critical when you want to decide who gets your property and assets, and who can make financial and health decisions on your behalf when you cannot make these decisions for yourself any longer.

Having an estate plan that fits your needs, and the legacy you want to leave behind can give you peace of mind that your wishes are granted.

We often talk to people who want to help their parents or spouse with their insurance, yet without a durable power of attorney for finances, we can’t always help them.

Our tip: Be prepared by having a plan in place. As a minimum, have a durable power of attorney for finances and health decisions in place so you can have the care you need, and lessen the burden on your family and friends.

You can talk to one of our consultants to learn more about any of these topics.