About Me

What makes Annelies her services unique? She truly cares about providing the right plans for her client, regardless of their health and financial situation, or what type of insurance plan they are looking for. Her knowledge and services cover the full range of health-related insurance for all the different life situations, enabling. This approach sets her apart from most health insurance agents as well as financial advisors. She can be your one-stop-shop advisor.

She understands the different health insurance needs and what to do to protect your finances to maintain your financial independence at retirement. Or how about leaving you and your family financially in a good position when life takes a different turn, for example, due to a critical illness, a need more care, or at the time of departing this lifetime.

Her affiliation with the Independent Retirement Group enables her to assist you not only with Medicare but also with setting yourself up for success when you retire. Or consider how best to use your retirement funds to sustain your retirement lifestyle. This working method supports avoiding duplication of insurance products.

Insurance agents are paid by commissions of the insurance plans they “sell” to the clients. Annelies spends time researching unique situations to find the best and affordable products that work for her clients. As a broker, she has access to a variety of insurance carriers for each product. Her passion is to empower her clients to make informed decisions and choose the right solutions themselves, instead of “just selling a product” and moving on to the next client.

She specializes in helping persons that are not born in the U.S.A. understand how the American Healthcare system works. On the Medicare front, she specializes in helping Veterans with Medicare plans that provide special services to them and is better connected to VA services. As a small token of gratitude to Veterans service to our country, Annelies donates a portion of her Medicare earnings to charities such as Wounded Warriors and the 100 Club.

Annelies is an energetic lady who lives in Houston, TX, with her dog Beau. She loves her walks with him and … hugs. She is of Dutch heritage, yet Texan at heart. Her core people in life are her family and her Texan, American, and international friends. She loves life, music, outdoor activities – especially with water – and helping others.