I highly recommend Annelies! She was very helpful and took the time to explain with detail the different options I had that were suitable with my medical needs. She was able to reduce significantly my monthly insurance payment with comparable coverage. Annelies is always available for any questions you might have during the process and after you obtain your insurance with her.

Tami Hiraoka

Annelies is phenomenal to work with! She was able to compare my current health insurance and point out all the gaps with my current insurance and personalize the insurance for what I need. Highly recommend!

Lou Borrego

Hello Annelies,
Many, many thanks for your help on the Medicare situation. I followed your advice exactly and it looks like I will not have to pay the [Medicare] blood test bill. I appreciate your patience and the time you so generously gave me.
Jon Kent (NJ)

I have no idea how you have the patience to do this job…..you rock girl
Julie (TX)

“Annelies has been a pleasure to work with on my insurance needs.  So much so that I have referred her to several friends and family.  Besides a big Thank You from them, their comments are consistent  in touting Annelies’ patience, thoroughness , and dedication to their needs. She does a great job of translating from “Insurance Legalese” to everyday English.  I highly recommend her.”
James (TX)

Buying insurance isn’t fun. I used to own an insurance agency and many agents sell at the customers expense. I just met Annelies off the internet and was I ever pleased. Annelies tells you the whole truth. She truly cares for her clients. She is positive, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to all of my friends. You can’t go wrong if you choose to have her as your agent.

Diana Growcock

This is a darling, smart woman who you will love.

David Richards

“I am so happy you’ll be able to help me when I move back to NewYork you are so wonderful.”

Mrs. Reed (TX & NY)

“A friend put me in touch with Annelies before the enrollment period last October 2021.  That was a blessing!  The process is so confusing and difficult that it’s a real challenge to simply understand the options.  My advice is to access the knowledge and resources of a benefits consultant … Annelies.  Although she is in Houston, and I am not, she was able to lead me smoothly thru the insurance maze via phone, online and USPS without a hitch.  I am already in touch with her about coverage for the looming enrollment period 2022.    I suggest you do the same!”

K. Squires

“In addition to being very knowledgeable, Annelies is very patient in explaining all the intricacies of health care choices. Her advice is always practical, and she will provide advantages and disadvantages of different options. I do not understand the “ins” and “outs” of healthcare insurance, but I am completely comfortable relying on Annelies and her expertise.”

J. Field