When you are turning 65 years of age, Medicare is the health insurance program in the U.S. program to get, which helps with the cost of your health care through Medicare Part A – inpatient services, and Medicare Part B – outpatient services. Medicare Part A & B is also called (Original Medicare). You can apply for the Original Medicare plans with the Social Security Administration.

Original Medicare, does not cover all medical expenses nor for the cost of most long-term care. Additional coverage is provided by private insurance companies. You would need to have Medicare Part A & B to get additional coverage for that.

To help you learn about Medicare and help you with finding the right additional coverage for you I help people with explaining them:

  • What Medicare part A & B covers
  • When you can start applying for Medicare
  • How to apply for Medicare Part A & Part B
  • What Medicare does not cover
  • How you can bridge the coverage gaps
  • How to avoid late penalty fees for Part B or Part D plans
  • Find the right plan for you

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Are you a non-US Citizen and need help with health coverage when turning 65? If you have a greencard, and are not living in the USA for at least five years as a permanent resident prior to turning 65 years of you may not immediately qualify for Medicare. Please contact me to review your personal situation and help you with your health insurance options.

Here are some useful weblinks: Medicare.gov site, Apply for Medicare, Order Medicare & You book, How much does Medicare Part B cost